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Our Service for Your Whole Process
Everything from circuit design, prototype to Mass-Production, repair parts !

Single-sided, copper / silver through-hole, aluminum based, flexible and carbon jumper

Circuit Design

Everything from Analog to digital ! Especially analog single-sided is our specialty !
Outsourcing to Zuken (PWS, BD), Mentor (SFXJ-1), CSI (Win PCB) is possible !
We propose patterns considering mass-pro, and dispatch licensed designer at request !
Quick die fabrication with CAD -> CAM through online communication. Circuit tester fabrication too !

Prototype PCB

Single-sided, Copper / Silver through-hole, Flexible, Aluminum based, Multi-layer and Thick copper
Quick production (single-sided) Data received by 2 pm, delivery within the day by Sagawa-express.
Single-sided : Data received 9:00 AM, product deliverd same day (Normally 1 to 2 days).
Double-sided : Data recivede 9:00 AM, product deliverd next day (Normally 2 to 3 days).
Re-development from the existing PCB. Modifying double-side to single side.

Single-sided,Double-sided,Non-through Paper,CEM

HASL, Au / Ni / Palladium-plated
1005 tips resister with high precision printing technique! Also 150 micron with print method (680 x 500).
Production lines servicing any specs and quantity of 1m² to thousands m² (Kozuki and Ishikiri Plants)
Small lot / many items acceptable. Items handled per month more than 3,000 ! (No.1 in Japan)

Copper through-hole

Low cost with print method fit for mass-production. Heat cure, UV cure and others !
Photo method : Good for hiah-mix low-volume production and hiah-densitv PCB.

Metal-based and Specialties

Aluminum --- Widely used for LED lighting, power circuits : and in-vehicle uses with good heat radiation !
Copper --- Thermal conductivity and cubic expansion rate superior to aluminum !
Thic copper --- 105 to 300 micron thickness good for high current PCBs !
Specialties --- Flexible, eyelet, carbon jumper, thick copper, peelable soldarmask and NC machine tools.

PCBs for repairs

After the mass-production, we do bulk production and store it for you at your request !
Using die or NC, we make small quantity as your order. (Will estimate initial cost separately)
We make a copy from your original PCB ! *Scan PCB -> Make data -> Fabricate PCB

To Assure Customers with Best Quality Support
Quality Policy

We place our activities centerd around "Quality First" keep improving our compliance with specs and quality, and provide all our customers with higher level of satisfaction.

Cleaim Management System
Corporate Profile-PCB Division
Kozuki Plant (Hyogo Pref.) Ishikiri Plant (Osaka) Office (Osaka) Total
Major Business Manufacturing
(Prototype / Specialty items)
Sales / Technical / Administration -
No.of Employees 80 17 34 131
Area 23,000 4,000 4,000 27,000
(S) 60,000m² / month
(W) 40,000m² / month (200 Lots)
10,000m² / month - 11,000m²
Equipment etc. Automatic etching line
Automatic Etching line
Photo etching line x1
Curing oven x2
Automatic etching line for double-sided P.C.B. x1
Photo eticing line x1
Equipments for evaluation,testing, measurement CAD system (11) etc. -
Major Products/Business Production of Printed Circuit Board [Single-sided, non-through-hole double-sided, w/ carbon jumper, eyelets, removable mask-coated, CNC-drilled board, and more] Production of Printed Circuit Board [Metal based, specialty, flexible, copper though-hole,silver through-hole, for prototype] CAD Dept. / Jigs Dept., making dies, film, test jigs fixture. / Production Dept. / ISO management Dept. -
ISO Certificate No. ISO 9001 2008 version renewed ISO 9001 : 2008 . JIS Q 9001 : 2008
ISO 14001 2004 version renewd ISO 14001 : 2004 . JIS Q 14001 : 2004
Please email to tnz-info-p@tanazawa.co.jp for your inquiry.
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