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Inquiry for any grain is welcome - leather, spray, geometric, microtexture, convex letters, from etching to sandblasting, technical grains etc..




TH series

Leather texture: These artificial leather surfaces are used for luxurious, high quality trimming and upholstery in automobile interiors. Tanazawa Hakkosha has over 1000 different samples with different textures can also be made. Pattern depth can be varied even within single patterns.

Crepe weave finish: Crepe weave is a particularly popular decorative finish for home appliances. Crepe weave has a variety of appliances and generates alot of customer enthusiasm. The pattern depths vary form 2 micron deep glass-like matte finishes to 100 micron deep patterns. The roughness of the appearance can also be adjusted.

Linear textures: Typical patterns include parallel lines, diamond cuts, and latticed patterns. Line width, pitch, line type, and depth can be specified. Selection of the appropriate material is essential to processing of sharp lines. Please consult your Tanazawa Hakkosha agent regarding materials selection, processing, and other factors.

Woven textures: Tanazawa Hakkosha woven textures based on actual weaves found in lace, Knits, and other woven or knitted textiles are noted for their naturally woven appearance. New textures are created by varying the concave and convex pattern of geometric designs and decorative patterns. Additional after-processing is also possible. Seams are occasionally with tertiary curves.

Wood textures: Textures with a natural wood grain feel are recreated refreshingly and realistically. Plates used in the past are retained by Tanazawa Hakkosha for future reference. While a desired pattern may be selected from among these plates, new plates customized to the customer's own wood sample can also be created.



LEO series(レオシリーズ)

Leo series

"Leo" series are developed to be positioned between leather and spray grains, that is; it combines the good features of both grains. The process of Leo is stable so that exact same quality can be easily and surely performed. Usage of Leo is expected not only for the products with conventional leather grains but also for the products with spray grains.

Anti-scuffing, Makes weld less visible, Scratch resistant, Easy to clean, Process available globally,
Better reproductivity




KODAMA series(コダマシリーズ)

KODAMA series

Original spray textures

Creative texture design, Easy to clean, Solution for defects on appearance, Anti-scuffing, Makes scratches less visible, Reliable quality control

                               Many more texture variations are available. Feel free to contact us.


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