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Texturing Information format            
Texturing information format (JAPANESE)            
 Group of techniques of creating bumps and dips on the surface of a mold by pasting B-stage sheet which is made of heat-and-wear resistant materials. New processing technology that solves problems that conventional etching processing has, that has better productivity, that shortens delivery time, and that copes with small volume production.

CERA COAT: Part thickness can be adusted by coating special material on the tool surface. Weight-reduction of the part, improvement on plastic flow and warping, and reduction of appearance problems are expected.

Ceramat: Process to improve quality of a texture, by creating a thin layer with bumps and dips which is made of heat-and-wear resistant materials, on the textured surface of a tool.
- Features
Improved method of gloss reduction: Gloss reduction which is different from the one by conventional sandblasting is enabled.
Paintless: Paintless parts may be achieved since this helps the quality of the texture improved.
Process without damage on the grain: Removal of the Cera-mat layer and reprocess is possible.
[On February 28th 2011, patent applied with a new invention and technical innovation. New process is introduced in March onward.]

Example of CERASHIBO / CERAMAT / Nano-feel process which work for gloss reduction.

     CS shell / G COAT



Group of techniques of applying texture processing on the surface of plastic moldings instead of engraving or pasting leather on the surface of a mold. One of the features is that original three-dimensional design patterns can be produced on the surface of finished products using processed data of design patterns. There is no need to make tangible design patterns.

Applicable on any part surface such as molded parts or clay models.

Technique to texture a part surface with more fidelity to the Master and the feel of reality.


Alternatively more products for prototypes such as
   TEX- Sheet and Realtech 2 are available.
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